Public Speaking Awards   

The founder of Embedded Components, Ron Fredericks, has received several awards for his active participation in public speaking. Contact Ron to request more information on how public speaking skills can be used to generate more sales leads at your marketing events and customer sites, increase market awareness for your products, deliver better technology presentations, and negotiate better sales contracts.

Area Governor role requires nomication and voted into office by other Toastmasters - in my case by the past year's area governor. This is a one year leadership position that supports 5 area clubs for membership growth, member awards, and two speech contests. Ron was the third highest ranked area governor out of 34 other governors in district 4 from Monteray to San Francisco. Click here to learn more about Toastmasters International>


Award received after receiving the Advanced Communicator Bronze and Silver awards, and two additional advanced communication manuals. Conducted a seminar on how to hold effective meetings, and coached a new member with their first three speech projects. Completed six of the available Advanced Communication Series manuals and learned many valuable speaking skills. Click here to learn more about Toastmasters International>


Award received for participation in the creation of a new Toastmasters International public speaking club at Wind River's Alameda facilities. Being the first at something is difficult for many people, but to receive a charter member award a person must be able to see the value and take the initiative to start something new. Embedded Components can be a member of your business development team offering leadership in a new product launch, creating a new sales territory, or focus your product in new markets for example. Click here to learn more about Toastmasters International>


Award received for completion of 10 unique styles of speech while developing a competent level of public speaking. For Ron Fredericks to master the speaking skills at the Competent Toastmaster (CTM) level, he invested a year of practice developing compelling content, PowerPoint slides, and delivery technique while receiving guidance from mentors and evaluation from his peers. Embedded Components can help your company increase revenue or market share by presenting your products and services to targeted audiences and customer prospects.

Award received for leadership as Vice President of Public Relations for Wind River's Windmasters speech club. Embedded Components can take your team on new paths in your company's quest to generate more revenue. Public relations is one example where Embedded Components can create marketing exposure for your products at a low cost.



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