Publishing Awards   

The president of Embedded Components has received several awards for his active participation in publishing. Contact us to request more information on how our writing, newsletter, multimedia, eBook, and Internet design services can be used to generate more sales, increase market awareness, create concise technical documentation, protect your intellectual property, and create web site content that delivers more results now.

Award received for community service as Software Development Forum (SDForum) newsletter editor. As editor, each of the 15 meetings held per month by SDForum needed volunteer writers to submit special interest group write-ups; feature meeting speaker each month had to be interviewed and a feature article written by the editor; advertisement and back-up material needed to be prepared in advance to keep the newsletter in the mail monthly for 2,500 bay area technologists to read. The editor managed a paid staff to publish, mail, layout, and copy edit the content. A company newsletter is a key marketing strategy and community service. Embedded Components can develop and manage your newsletter requirements too. Click here to learn more about the Software Development Forum>


Award received for the design and publishing of Wind River's first automated interactive Board Support Package web site . The preparation of this web site required leadership in coordinating Wind River's marketing and engineering teams together along with 100 hardware partner company teams in the creation of a large volume of technically accurate content for this interactive web application. This BSP web site was promoted by news and media outlets such as CMP and Dr. Dobb's Journal as the first of its kind. Embedded Components can design an exciting web tool for your stockholders and customer prospects too. Click here to see the Wind River BSP web site>


A patent was awarded for the design of a new method for making organic materials invisible to infrared sensors. The ability to document the method and provide a clear example for using the method was a vital part of having the patent accepted; beating competitors to market; solving technical problems that translated into increased market demand and revenues for Dairy and Food Laboratories - a U.S. patent was awarded to Ron Fredericks as coauthor on record - Patent # 4,510,072 Composition having neutralized differential infrared absorbency. Embedded Components can help your company protect its intellectual property while creating additional demand for your products and services too. Click hear to read the patent>

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