Scientific Awards  

Below is an example where our company founder, Ron Fredericks, developed a portable chemical computer in pill form. The pill, when combined with a laboratory milk sample, created a practical "wetware" algorithm and industrial technique for introducing organic compounds into milk leading to a zero net affect to infrared spectroscopy analysis. Ron has mastered the CoE (Cycles of Efficiency™) model to solve otherwise complex industry problems with reusable embedded components across a large variety of scientific and engineering disciplines. In this case the reusable embedded components consisted of a combination of low cost external compounds with stable synergistic infrared absorption when combined with traditional milk components such as fat, protein, lactose, and water. This patent, co-authored by Ron and his client, was the key feature used by his client to significantly improve the accuracy while lowering the cost of a quality control test procedure that was highly disruptive to the food manufacturing industry. Click here to read the full patent# 4,510,072>

Composition having neutralized differential infrared absorbency

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