Dr. Buckholtz Offers His New eBook Titled GIST

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Gain Impact,
Save Time

Ron Fredericks writes: Dr. Thomas Buckholtz offers his new book titled Gain Impact, Save Time (GIST) as a direct download from Embedded Components, Inc.’s web site. His public speeches are well regarded in Silicon Valley and around the world. A recent lecture titled Mentorship Unplugged: Innovate Incisively by Dr. Thomas J. Buckholtz was discussed on RainMakers LIVE!.

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to “Dr. Buckholtz Offers His New eBook Titled GIST”

  1. Thomas J. Buckholtz Says:

    I wrote “GIST: Gain Impact. Save Time.” in the hopes of catalyzing widespread improvement in what gets done and how it gets done, via people’s using, benefiting from, and teaching some “thinking tools.” People can use the tools to pinpoint, communicate, and achieve “what we need to do,” “how well we need to do it,” and so forth. I developed the tools based on activities that featured innovating. I much appreciate Ron Fredericks’s support for the tools and his help in giving people opportunities to learn about them.

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