Defines a model for a diode, transistor, switch, lossy
transmission line or uniform RC line
Some circuit elements, for example, transistors, have many
parameters. Instead of defining every transistor parameter
for every instance of a transistor, transistors are grouped
by model name and have parameters in common. The
transistors of the same model can have different sizes and
the electrical behavior is scaled to the size of the

Syntax: .model  [()]

The model name must be unique. That is, two different
types of circuit elements, such as a diode and a
transistor, cannot have the same model name. The parameter
list depends on the type of model. Below is a list of
model types:

Type Associated Circuit Element
SW Voltage Controlled Switch
CSW Current Controlled Switch
URC Uniform Distributed RC Line
LTRA Lossy Transmission Line
D Diode
NPN NPN Bipolar Transistor
PNP PNP Bipolar Transistor
NJF N-channel JFET model
PJF P-channel JFET model
NMF N-channel MESFET
PMF P-channel MESFET
VDMOS Vertical Double Diffused Power MOSFET

See the description of the circuit element for a list
of which parameters are instance specific and which
are common to a model.

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