Our Clients' Profile by Size or Product Life-Cycle     

Below is a table listing our services targeted to our clients by their market share and/or by their product's stage in its life-cycle...

Small size company or new product launch
  • Move past entry barriers while protecting your new intellectual property
  • Develop new strategic partnerships to increase your company's market penetration
  • Integrate a sales account plan with direct marketing program to get the most for the least
  • Public events, publicity, price, publications, promotions, and packaging
  • Create technical awareness for your solution in the marketplace to increase your volume of quality sales leads
  • Put "feet on the street" to find and close new sales opportunities
Midsize company or products in the middle of their product life-cycle
  • Increase your sales channel by reaching out to new markets with your existing products
  • Increase your sales volume by returning to old customers for new sales opportunity
  • Lower your costs through increased cooperation with partners, suppliers, and new sales methods
  • Increase your product marketing function, perform a competitive review and develop product roadmaps
  • Public events, publicity, price, publications, promotions, and packaging
  • Integrate technical support into your marketing and sales plan
  • Put "feet on the street" to find and close new sales opportunities
Large size company or a desire to seek new product directions
  • Participate in development of standards and brand awareness to increase the entry barriers to emerging competition while improving your sales cycle
  • Create partner programs that reduce your customer's time to market while maintaining market leadership and extending your product life-cycles
  • Public events, publicity, price, publications, promotions, and packaging
  • Leverage your company's momentum: bring your professionals and your business managers together to seek new market and product directions
  • Take advantage of our small and midsize company strategies above
  • Increase your global marketing and sales channels using our international perspective
Size doesn't matter

Here are some examples of what we can do for you as a member of your team:

  • solve your variable staff requirements with our flexible consulting method moving between part-time, full-time, and teams
  • present your technology at an upcoming event
  • create an event
  • improve or write your technical manuals
  • add new text, graphics or multimedia to your web site with a technical or marketing focus on the embedded industry
  • train a new member of your staff, coach an existing member
  • research new ways to work with an existing partner or offer negotiated alternatives to an existing supplier
  • do a press release, stay in contact the media
  • write and publish a technical marketing article to generate sales demand for your product
  • rally your field, write, edit, publish a newsletter
  • increase your development cycle with a new cross-platform test program
  • take advantage of existing commercial off the shelf (COTS) sales channels related to your product
  • turn your in-house tools and libraries into embedded components to increase your product-mix
  • help your technical support team ask the write questions to improve customer satisfaction
  • find new sales leads
  • manage a strategic account and close new sales opportunities
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