LectureMaker's Cross-domain Video Playback Demonstration

The video media presented here demonstrates how companies can offer improved training, marketing, sales, ecosystem development, and employee retention with online video using LectureMaker's playback and cross-domain video hosting solution. A low cost cross-domain software license from LectureMaker will allow you to look as if you are hosting video on your own website with the "heavy lifting" software engineering and real-time streaming media services managed by LectureMaker's cloud services. A higher priced self-hosting solution is available too.

Social media video hosting sites, such as Vimeo and YouTube, offer a limited range of services while taking up your visitor's precious Internet time promoting their sponsor ads, and distracting your visitors with multiple reasons to leave your website. While simple in-house video players cooked up by your own web team tend to be very slow to download video and offer even less features for your viewers and your own market development than social media sites.

LectureMaker's cross-domain video playback platform offers a feature-rich solution to these problems. You can keep your visitors focused on your video content and on your own website, backed by LectureMaker's field videography, in-studio productions, Internet software development, community marketing, cognitive video user behavior research, and video hosting services. Video use on business websites is becoming more and more popular. LectureMaker offers a powerful solution set to help you use video as a tool to meet your goals.

Key benefits include:

  • Present video from your own website without required reference or links to any other hosting platform,
  • A great user experience,
  • Real-time access to any part of the video - video playback on Internet time,
  • Point users to important ideas within your video with automated chapter marks,
  • Password protect your video content for restricted access or new pay-per-view income streams,
  • A cognitive google analytics interface that extends typical web page reports to include video watching behavior, and
  • Top notch product support integrated with LectureMaker's video studio, and video enhanced marketing services.

Read on to learn more about these benefits and why you might consider using this platform for your website.


Client-facing Video Player

LectureMaker's Flash video player lives on this remote site page along with initial display image and navigation dot display information - as a demonstration of playing your own video on your web site. You can create video playback features just like the ones demonstrated on this page, because only simple HTML code is used. With LectureMaker's video player solution, it's easy to play videos on any page that your company serves - including password protected pages - without being forced to make public reference to any social media video hosting platforms.

Server-side Video Media Services

The video itself is hosted on LectureMaker's cloud service. The advantage of this cross-domain configuration is that LectureMaker's real-time video media server technology does not have to be configured to run on your website. In this way, you could start serving video with all the features presented here, without the added license cost or web server engineering setup delays.


You can choose to host your own videos without using LectureMaker's cross-domain services as well. In this case, the LectureMaker Media Server would need to be licensed and installed on your web server or cloud service. LectureMaker's Media Server requires PHP version 5.x services to be available as well as a certain bandwidth guarantee.


Contact Ron Fredericks at LectureMaker to Get Started

Ron Fredericks, 408-390-1895, ronf@lecturemaker.com


LectureMaker Offers Many Features and Support Tools

LectureMaker has produced many video projects including clients that have published their videos with LectureMaker's smart Internet platform services. While over 35,000 viewers have watched these videos hosted on LectureMaker's website, as of July 2011. As a result the client/server video playback solution demonstrated here has been rigorously tested globally, with some cool features and user tools implemented thanks to feedback from these viewers.

Video Player Navigation Controller: An external video control interface to LectureMaker's video player allows your readers to quickly jump to navigation topics in your videos in several ways: from your own hypertext linked content on any page , from any HTML construction such as a table next to the video, or from LectureMaker's navigation points with pop-up tooltips right in the video itself.

The quote below is an example usage of the external navigation feature in a typical web page. The links in the quote will take you to the exact location within the video that references this text, and then begin playing this portion of the video. Without this feature, you would have to implement this video enhanced quote by chopping up the big video into little FAQ-like segments then create separate video players for each segment, then link your text to each segment, one by one.

"While watching the sample video below, you will not only get an overview of - but you will also get so see some practical examples such as Saptarshi's project." -- Ron Fredericks, Co-founder LectureMaker LLC

Video Server Bandwidth Test Tool: With this easy to use utility, you can offer self-help to your video watching community. Test LectureMaker's video server bandwidth: run the test

Video Player Google Analytics: Ever wonder what video content is interesting to your video watching viewers? Now with LectureMaker's unique navigation and real-time access to all video media, you can effectively track your users aggregate behavior (no individual user behavior is collected). LectureMaker's google analytics integration helps answer questions, such as:

  • Was the video watched?
  • What are the most popular segments in your videos (in general or filtered by geographic region)?
  • How much of the video was watched?
  • and more...
In the simple example depicted in the figure below (temporary while more real user behavior is collected), viewers have found content located at 46% (a RHIPE case study) to be the most popular. The amount of video watched is also shown ranging from 10% to 30%.


Video Player Navigation Dot Calculator: With this easy to use utility, you can enter various parameters associated with your video along with navigation dot times and tool tip text. The calculator then formats the navigation controls for easy HTML embedding into your video landing page.

Video Server Bandwidth Reports: All of your videos are feed to your client video player from your own copy of LectureMaker's real-time video media server. The google analytics package described above gives you details on how each of your videos are performing to meet your business goals. While, this bandwidth report gives you an idea of just how much video streaming all of your visitors are consuming. The combination of server-side bandwidth and client-side analytics gives you both the big picture and the foresight to know when your visitor behavior has changed.


Sample Presentation

RHIPE: An Interface Between Hadoop and R for Large and Complex Data Analysis
If you do not see video here, please consider installing the latest version of Flash
Selected Video Topics - an Example of the External Video Navigation Feature
Introduction: R User Group and Dr. Saptarshi Guha
RHIPE overview
Hadoop overview
High performance computing with RHIPE, MapReduce, and R
Case Study: VOIP
RHIPE on EC2: Bio-terrorism
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