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Ron Fredericks is the co-founder of LectureMAker LLC, and ecosystem lead here at (E.C.Com) - offers a service designed to lower the high cost of making embedded products with its integrated engineering and marketing service for embedded technology makers, users, and enablers. E.C.Com offers a synergistic service vision called Cycles of Efficiency™, combining engineering and marketing milestones into a project to meet the sales goals related to the promotion, design, and use of components and tools in the embedded marketplace. Of couse, Ron also believes that the use of components and tools can reduce the cost and risk to device manufacturers and their consulting services teams as well.

The investment relations’ primary goal is to assist your company in generating a return on investment while building strategic relationships with the embedded manufacturing community. Toward that end Ron can provide you with an updated Investment Guide. The list of activities includes a growing range of opportunities to increase access and visibility with this web platform's user base and through the Embedded Components and Tools Marketplace™.

Photo of Ron Fredericks taken during the General Motors and Toyota, 20 year joint venture anniversary party, May 8'th 2004, New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc. (NUMMI), Fremont, CA


Embedded Components Investment Activities:

Event Sponsorship

Web site Sponsorship

Emerging Online Products and Services Sponsorship

Market Research Sponsorship


Investment Relations Contact:

Ron Fredericks
LectureMaker, LLC
830 Stewart Drive, Suite 258
Sunnyvale, CA 94085
United States



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