ECI and Visuality Systems Launch CIFS Learning Center    

Embedded Components and Visuality Systems Develop A New Distance Learning Center

LectureMaker™ Solution Enables New Distance Learning Center That Promotes Use Of The Common Internet File System (CIFS) Protocol By Embedded Device Engineers

Sunnyvale, Calif. – July 11, 2006 – Embedded Components, Inc. (ECI) announces its completion of a new distance learning Internet center sponsored by Visuality Systems Ltd today. Based on ECI’s innovative LectureMaker™ distance learning program, the sponsorship allows engineers to learn how to develop embedded devices that share files with Microsoft Windows computers using the Windows native Common Internet File System (CIFS) network protocol. By offering this new interactive distance learning center, original equipment manufactures (OEM’s) can learn how to harness the power of CIFS to lower their manufacturing costs, enable secure client-server file sharing, meet their customers’ demand for access to large Windows and UNIX secure data shares, and simplify device connections to existing networks.

Under the terms of this agreement, ECI has used its LectureMaker distance learning program to:

  • Publish a streaming Flash multimedia online lecture,
  • Publish a full text transcript of the Flash multimedia lecture,
  • Integrate an interactive blog into each lecture topic allowing participants to post their comments, questions, and solutions to other viewers as well as the teachers,
  • Enable off-line discussions by allowing viewers to print or save in PDF format a copy of the lecture’s transcript integrated with all current blog activity,
  • Allow viewers to join, edit, and even cancel their membership with this learning center via a user’s profile as a way for viewers to reach Visuality Systems senior engineering staff and executive leaders,
  • Activate an administrator’s dashboard to moderate open discussion, manage membership, edit content, update search engine, and review record of attendance within Visuality Systems’ learning center,
  • Execute a market outreach program,
  • Host the learning center within its Embedded Components and Tools Marketplace™.

This new distance learning center is significant because CIFS is not yet well utilized by the embedded device manufacturing community – even though this same network file sharing standard is built into every Microsoft Windows operating system and bundled as an application called Samba on most UNIX and Linux distributions. “Our new interactive distance learning center allows OEM’s to quickly realize the value of including the CIFS protocol into devices they develop for deployment into networks that contains Windows, other CIFS enabled devices, or UNIX/Linux computers for network file sharing”, said Orly Weber, Visuality Systems Sales & Operations Manager. Visuality Systems develops and sells CIFS NQ™, the leading CIFS protocol for real-time and embedded devices.

The new distance learning center is available now on ECI’s Embedded Components and Tools Marketplace web portal, is free to participate, and requires only a web browser to use: /marketplace/makers/visualitynq/intro/

Embedded Components, Inc. Seeks New Sponsors

ECI is seeking sponsorships from component and tool suppliers to establish new learning centers within its independent marketplace web portal as a way to educate engineers on the significant return on investment (ROI) possible from early adoption of high quality embedded components and development tools. “ECI 's Embedded Components and Tools Marketplace is a new interactive multimedia-rich distance learning portal dedicated to innovative component and tool reuse within the embedded systems and device manufacturing community ”, said Ron Fredericks, founder of ECI. ECI’s embedded marketplace includes a user registration process designed to solve time-to-market issues that burden typical partner programs and sales channels managed by gorilla companies in the embedded devices marketplace. For example, the typical Internet webinar requires users to all log in at the same time to participate in one vendor 's lecture and then it ends up archived in various disjoint company web pages. ECI’s marketplace fosters lecture reuse -- as well as accelerated channel development -- by organizing LectureMaker generated learning centers within an overarching distance learning syllabus focused on all embedded components and tools useful to OEM’s. The result is that users can search, log in, and interact with a community of engineers and vendors without time constraints using a growing number of learning centers. Sponsorship of new learning centers brings significant value to suppliers and universities developing embedded components and tools through lower sales costs, increased market share, alliance creation, and sales channel enhancement.

About Embedded Components, Inc.

Founded in 2003, ECI purchased the assets of Multimedia Computing as a way to jump-start its entry into exceptionally clear cognitive distance learning via multimedia web technology. Today ECI offers engineering excellence in improving new embedded device projects through innovative component and tool reuse for OEM’s and award winning technical marketing programs for embedded components and tools vendors. ECI's LectureMaker™ product generates low cost distance learning programs that enhance sales, market reach, time-to-market device designs, and industry partnerships. ECI leverages the synergy resulting from its engineering and marketing excellence supporting users, enablers, and makers of embedded components and tools based on its model called “Cycles of Efficiency” or CoE. ECI is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California and can be reached via the web:

About Visuality Systems Ltd

Visuality Systems was founded in 1998 and is the leading supplier of the Common Internet File System (CIFS) Client/Server file sharing and printer services protocol for real-time and embedded operating systems. Visuality Systems’ product called CIFS NQ, allows embedded devices to easily and securely take advantage of the network protocol built into every Microsoft Windows operating system. CIFS NQ enables embedded devices on a network to use the extremely popular “My Network Places” and “Network Neighborhood” Windows applications to share files within workgroups or across computers on a network. Visuality Systems is headquartered in Yokneam Ilit, Israel and can be reached via the web:

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