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Designing Predictable Real-Time Systems
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Designing Predictable Real-Time Systems   
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    Developing real-time embedded software is a specialty that requires knowledge of both embedded system design and timing constraints imposed by physical limitations of the hardware. The target audience for this presentation includes safety critical and mission critical embedded device designers and developers. This presentation's content will be equally useful to hardware designers who wish to utilize existing hardware more effectively and to software developers who wish to pack more features into their resource constrained embedded applications. Another key sign that it is time to review this presentation is when you might mistakenly wish your priority-based preemptive real-time scheduler could be redesigned to improve software performance - use RMA to avoid redesign.
    This 25 minute lecture demonstrates how to design predictable real-time software using the unified modeling language (UML) for functional design, document functional timing using RapidRMAthanks to UML 2.0 extensions, take advantage of the priority-based preemptive scheduler included in real-time operating systems, andthen use RapidRMA againboth for optimization of task prioritiesand toinsure deadlines are meton the physical device.
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: Designing Predictable Real-Time Systems
: Ron Fredericks, for Tri-Pacific Software
  Tri-Pacific Software; Embedded Components, Inc.


  UML (Rhapsody by I-Logix); RMA (RapidRMA by Tri-Pacific Software); Profiler: operating system: tasks
  RTOS: priority-based preemptive
  Consulting: design: real-time (Services by Tri-Pacific Software)
Key Words and Phrases
  Actor Oriented Design, Actors, Avionics Control Software, Determinism, Embedded Software, How to Fix a Resource Constrained System, I-Logix, Multitasking, Object Oriented Design, Objects, Operating System, Peter Kortmann, RapidRMA, Rate Monotonic Analysis, Real-Time, Real-Time Object Oriented Models, Real-Time Operating Systems, Real-Time UML, Reliable Systems, Resource Constrained System, Rhapsody by I-Logix, RMA, RMA (RapidRMA by Tri-Pacific), Ron Fredericks, RTOS, Safety Critical Systems, Schedulability, Schedulability Analysis, Threads, Timing, Tri-Pacific Software, UML, UML 2.0, Unified Modeling Language, Utilization, Wind River, Worst-Case Execution Time
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: Approved: 9/9/05
: 15 slides, 21 minutes of audio
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