Embedded Components and Tools forum: July 2006, Vol. 1 No. 1

Welcome to the premier issue of the Embedded Components and Tools forum.

The embedded device marketplace is one of the most expensive markets for both manufacturers and their suppliers to participate. Dynamic market forces are pushing silicon to contain more intellectual property (IP) to lower production costs, shortening the delivery time to market, and requiring advanced features bundled into applications faster then their competitors. The Embedded Components and Tools forum understands this market pressure and has a vision to help through what it calls Cycles of Efficiency™. The forum is a new resource for both the engineers involved in the design and manufacture of devices, and the sales teams who offer potential cost effective component and tool solutions. Let us know what new information you would like to read about in future issues.


  • NEWS
    Introducing a new distance learning web portal
    Designing Predictable Real-Time Systems
    Building Unreliable Systems out of Reliable Components: The Real-Time Story
    Introduction to the Common Internet File System (CIFS): Leverage the Power of this Popular Network File Sharing Protocol
    e*Book titled Information Proficiency provides vital perspective, frameworks, tools, and success stories


    Design Automation Conference 2006 review
    Device Driver Tutorial
  • FAQ
    Answers to questions from our distance learning center viewers



Introducing a New Distance Learning Web Portal

By: Embedded Components, Inc.

It's a cost-cutting solution for embedded engineers. It's also a breakthrough promotional device for sales teams offering reusable assets such as embedded components and development tools.
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Now you can participate in a growing number of distance learning centers that take advantage of the latest Flash, blog, and dynamic page assets. Watch lectures presented in streaming Flash, read transcripts of lectures on- and off-line, and interact with other participants world-wide using the integrated blog rolled into each lecture topic. User registration is free while sponsors pay a fee to use ECI’s low cost LectureMaker tool and service to create new learning centers hosted within ECI's Embedded Components and Tools Marketplace™. Read the full news story ...


Top 10 reasons to sponsor a distance learning center

  1. Expand your market share
  2. Introduce new components and tools
  3. Lower your sales costs, create new sales or partnership channels
  4. Collect qualified sales leads and record of attendance
  5. Create low cost Flash presentations that look nice and feel great
  6. Harness cycles of efficiency available from one portal promoting many lectures
  7. Be the first to sponsor a learning center already targeted by ECI’s distance learning syllabus
  8. Take advantage of ECI’s award winning public speakers and technical editors
  9. Convert a simple webinar or leverage an existing public event into a reusable training tool
  10. Extend the life of a lecture by posting updates and Q/A sessions for months if not years using the integrated blog


Top 10 reasons why engineers use a distance learning center

  1. Learn how to lower your design, development, and manufacturing costs with components and tools built by specialists in their field
  2. Build teams with a common base of core knowledge
  3. Lower your training costs
  4. Improve team performance
  5. See a demonstration without wasting time setting up a meeting
  6. Interact with other engineers and product specialists without distance or time constraints
  7. Understand a vendor’s value proposition from the comfort of your own office
  8. Use your normal web browser’s built-in multimedia and Internet delivery method without installing new plugins on your computer
  9. Share printed copies of the training material with others off-line
  10. Find what you need using keyword selection and normal text search tools




Designing Predictable Real-Time Systems

By: Tri-Pacific Software, Ron Fredericks


Developing real-time embedded software is a specialty that requires knowledge of both embedded system design and timing constraints imposed by physical limitations of the hardware.


The target audience for this presentation includes safety critical and mission critical embedded device designers and developers. This presentation's content will be equally useful to hardware designers who wish to utilize existing hardware more effectively and to software developers who wish to pack more features into their resource constrained embedded applications. Another key sign that it is time to review this presentation is when you might mistakenly wish your priority-based preemptive real-time scheduler could be redesigned to improve software performance - use RMA to avoid redesign.





Building Unreliable Systems out of Reliable Components:
The Real-Time Story

By: UC Berkeley, EECS Department, Dr. Edward Lee


This lecture targets the embedded system developer, tools engineer, and researcher who needs to understand the current problems, current solutions, and future trends, in creating real-time systems. The viewer is introduced to the real-time dichotomy between the tools for hardware design and software design.






Introduction to the Common Internet File System (CIFS):
Leverage the Power of this Popular Network File Sharing Protocol

By: Visuality Systems, Ron Fredericks


This lecture targets the embedded system developer, network engineer, and OEM device architect.


The lecture introduces:

  • the CIFS protocol,
  • why the time is right for CIFS deployment on every embedded device that includes a network stack,
  • and how to migrate your existing application code from proprietary network data sharing (or no data sharing) to the CIFS open standard.






Information Proficiency

By: Dr. Thomas J. Buckholtz


Tom is the author of several books based on his vast executive experience within the IT industry. His first book, Information Proficiency, provides vital perspective, frameworks, tools, and success stories for setting and achieving worthy goals, measuring and improving decision making, developing and using information effectively, deploying information systems, and acquiring, developing, or selling technologies.

Download his e*Book Information Proficiency



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Component and Tool Makers

Introduction to the Common Internet File System (CIFS): Leverage the Power of this Popular Network File Sharing Protocol
Ron Fredericks
Visuality Systems

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Designing Predictable Real-Time Systems
Ron Fredericks
Tri-Pacific Software

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Component and Tool Enablers

Building Unreliable Systems out of Reliable Components: The Real-Time Story
Dr. Edward Lee
UC Berkeley, EECS Department

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