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The Embedded Components and Tools forum is published by Embedded Components, Inc.

There are currently over 10,000 subscribers in the embedded device manufacturing, development, and design community. This publication addresses the interest of users, makers, and enablers of embedded components and development tools.

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the Roles and Titles of forum Subscribers


Engineering Management
Engineering Support
Executive Management
New Products Committee
Professional Services
Software Engineering/Programming
Software Engineering/Programming/Mgmt
Systems Engineering
Systems Engineering/Management


C-level (Corporate-level) Executives
Senior Executive

VP Advanced Product Development
VP Business Development
VP Corporate Marketing
VP Design Services
VP Engineering
VP General Manager
VP Industry Relations
VP Manufacturing
VP Market Development
VP Marketing and Sales
VP Marketing
VP Operations
VP Product and Program Management
VP Product Management
VP Sales and Marketing
VP Sales
VP Software
VP Software Development
VP Strategic Alliances
VP Strategic and Product Marketing
VP Systems Engineering
VP Tech Support
VP Technology Strategy
VP Worldwide
VP Worldwide Sales
VP Worldwide Sales & Marketing

Director of Applications Engineering
Director of Business Development
Director of Development Engineering
Director of Engineering
Director of Marketing & Business Development
Director of Marketing [for product line, or group]
Director of [networking or telecommunications or other technology behind their product offering]
Director of Platform Marketing
Director of Product Management
Director of Product Management
Director of Product Planning
Director of Software Engineering
Director of Strategic Marketing
Director of Strategic Programs

Application Manager
Business Research & Planning Manager
Contract Services Manager
Engineering Manager
Hardware Engineering Manager
Manager [for a business unit]
Manager [for a product line]
Manager of Developer Assistance
Manager of Strategic Solutions
Product Manager
Project Marketing Manager
R&D Manager
Software Engineering Manager
Staff Engineering Manager
Strategic Marketing Manager
Technical Marketing Manager

Misc. Titles
Supervisor, Corporate Purchasing
Department Head, Software Development

Application Engineer
Communications Engineer
Digital Engineer
Design Engineer
Electronics Engineer
Embedded Engineer
Firmware Engineer
Hardware Engineer
Network Engineer
Operating System Engineer
Member, Advisory Council
Member, Tech. Staff
Principal Engineer
Research Scientist
Security Engineer
Software Engineer
Staff Manufacturing Engineer
Systems Engineer
Telecommunication Engineer
Wireless Engineer

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