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Meet Ron Fredericks, he has satisfied thousands in the embedded systems industry

Ron Fredericks launched the website in 2004 to help lower the high cost of developing devices. Ron is active as a developer, marketer, salesman, editor, publisher, and community blogger in the embedded systems marketplace.

Ron offers embedded components and tools community programs through his forum newsletter, blog, and video enhanced marketplace from this website. offers a synergistic service vision called Cycles of Efficiency™, combining engineering and marketing milestones into web enabled community projects that meet our client's goals related to the promotion, design, and use of components and tools in the embedded marketplace.

Contact Ron to take advantage of this community inspired website.

Photo of Ron Fredericks taken during the General Motors and Toyota, 20 year joint venture anniversary party, May 8'th 2004, New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc. (NUMMI), Fremont, CA

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