ECI's WebScan: a software tool for intelligent marketing     

Use ECI's Webscan tool to scan the contents of one or more web pages starting from an initial web address of your choice. Webscan tests each link it finds for errors while harvesting all new hyperlinks it finds during the scanning process. Based on the focusing menu options, the scaning of pages will continue while reporting bad links.Progress can be monitored in real-time as harvested links continue to be scanned and so on.


ECI's Webscan Tool


"I use Webscan to test the web links in our press releases on our web site as well as our partner sites. A fast read is possible because the scanning process is highly optimized. " - Strah Mann, Test Quote Limited.

When Webscan has finished, a report summarizes:

  • count of unique links found;
  • count of branches scanned;
  • each bad link found;
  • the base page where bad links are located;
  • a "clue" as to what text on the base page is associated with the bad link;

Several options help focus Webscan's search behavior. Some options are also included to define the level of reporting detail you may desire.


User Profile Benefits
Partner Programs   Partner programs need a tool like Webscan. This is because partner relationships often include shared web links as a way to enhance value. Yet over time, some partners will move or delete their pages -- the pages that were part of these partner links. Also, they may not remember to inform the various partner teams who previously linked to these pages. So we crafted Webscan. With this tool partner teams can regularly scan their multi-vendor web pages for errors before joint customers find them.
Public Relations   PR web pages often link to news items located on external web sites such as news, blog, and partners. These web links can change over time turning the value of cross-linking to these external sites problematic. Use ECI's Webscan regularly to check these links.
Web Development   Web design is difficult enough without the embarrassment of broken links. Use Webscan to check your site regularly and after pushing new work.


Webscan 0.94 has some nice features:

  • Detect and report bad links such as 404 and 403 errors
  • Detect and report invalid domain references
  • Detect and report malformed URL addresses
  • Read SSL secure "https" content for bad links
  • Read and verify links embedded in PDF documents
  • Create correctly formed URL addresses from indirect addresses such as ".." or "index.html".
  • Avoid redundant checks on duplicate pages
  • Scan really big files without memory problems
  • Scan for long periods of time without browser timeout
  • Display concise scan progress in real-time for speed reading of web sites

Webscan 0.94 has a few limitations:

  • If your Internet connection is slow, then your browser window may stop processing your scan for no apparent reason
  • It will not read pages that require a login id/password
  • It does not test anchors
  • It will not try to undo complex links with embedded javascript
  • Once in a way it is just wrong
  • Proxy servers tend to cause scanning to abort during long scans - do the scan from a personal account to bypass proxy issues as needed
  • Probably more, you tell us...


Webscan terms of use:
Embedded Components, Inc. (ECI) offers no liability coverage, no warranty of use given or implied, and no indemnity offered, with respect to use of or results from ECI's Webscan tool. Support is optional and will be provided at the sole discursion of ECI. If any of these claims are not valid in your geographic location, then all other claims shall still apply. User further agrees that the prevailing party in any legal challenge shall be compensated by the looser for their legal and/or arbitration expenses. These terms shall apply to the user of this service and also to his/her company where possible. International users take note that your use of this site waives any trade practice, claim, or protection defined by any U.N. policy or program. ECI expressly excludes use of United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (sometimes called the International UCC). Any questions? Then best not use this beta/trial web service.

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