Software Rev: November 28, 2014
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New Webscan
LectureMaker's WebScan version 1.02
Scan and report on the links starting from a selected web page

Browser interface to LectureMaker's WebScan tool:

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Enter the web page to scan for links:

Select desired depth of scan:
Just this page:  1:  2:  3:  4:  5:  10:  all (and good luck!):

Display options:
    list basic info during scanning process
    list links contained on scanned pages
    list duplicate links contained on scanned pages

Scan options:
    limit scan to links at or below the initially selected web page
    limit traversal of foreign links
    include the query "?arg=value..." segments if present
    include the "# anchor" fragment if present
    increase scan speed by limiting file open and read time

Analysis options:
    summarize bad and suspicious links
    extract email (under development)
    compare scanned link content with a previous scan (under development)

Ignore the following comma delimited links during the scanning process:

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