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Embedded components are pieces of intelligent reusable software or hardware that are built by experts in their field for reuse by manufacturers of embedded devices. There are many benefits to finding and using the most suitable embedded components such as lower development cost, improved time to market, more end user feature requests bundled per new release, improved competitve strategies, and more effective use of your engineering talent. This site was the first web portal to integrate video and social networking as part of its menu of business development, sales, marketing, research, and application engineering services to all companies involved with the selling, buying, engineering, research, and enabling component reuse in the embedded systems industry.

The services and products offered on this website are designed to improve your company's ability to integrate effictively with other companies in the embedded systems supply chain from supplier of embedded components and their related tools, to original equipment manufacturers (OEM) of embedded devices, from end users, to component enablers such as researchers, electronics manufacturing services (EMS), resellers, media outlets, and government agencies. We call this integration of business and technical services for your company and between your company and the rest of the embedded systems supply chain: cycles of efficiency™.

These targeted companies can benefit from our experience:

Software and Hardware Component and Tool Vendors
  • Focused on reaching embedded device manufacturers
  • Can benefit from developing synergistic relationships with other companies who are component makers, buyers, or enablers, in the embedded systems industry
  • Have an interest in taking advantage of targeted customer market segments such as: industrial control, instrument manufacturers, network devices, consumer electronics, and aerospace/defense.
  • We offer some additional suggestions for you based on the size of your company or the stage of your product's life cycle. Click here for more detail>
Embedded Device Manufacturers (OEM, EMS and ODM)
  • Have a desire to reduce time to market
  • Have a desire to increase return on investment
  • Interested in reaching a select group of tool and component vendors that cooperate well with each other to deliver their products to you very efficiently
  • Have an interest in using research and development funded by other companies
  • Would like to review new sources of funding
  • Would like to develop cost effective marketing and sales programs that take advantage of other activities taking place in the embedded industry
Resellers, Distributors, System Integrators, and Consultants
  • A desire to participate in a synergistic sales channel
  • Increase revenue while decreasing sales and marketing costs
Research and Development Labs
  • A desire to find new sources of funding through technology transfer
  • An interest in developing improved relationships within the embedded systems industry's supply chain
Government Agencies
  • A desire to seek the best candidates and fund an efficient technology channel partner
  • An interest in accelerating their country's economic recovery through successful new technology development and commercialization
Media Outlets, Trade Associations, and Analysts
  • Analysts focused on the embedded systems component and tool market who seek engineering or market counsel
  • A desire to increase their number of subscribers
Any Company in the Embedded Industry Supply Chain
  • A desire to expand your product reach from local, to regional, to national, or to International markets
  • A desire to find embedded components or tools in other parts of the world beyond your current reach
  • An interest in contracting our services for market research, application engineering support, public speaking, or multimedia content, publishing, or writing
  • An organization located in one part of the world who desires to take advantage of available technologies, activities, and resources in other locations around the world - specifically companies who wish to gain more insight into the activities in and around Silicon Valley, California and other key technology regions world-wide


If you made it this far - you are probably a good candidate to join our Embedded Components and Tools Marketplace in various capacities as our client, investor, partner, user, or supplier. Contact us today to learn more.


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