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Introduction to CIFS network file sharing protocol
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Visuality Systems, Inc.   
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Visuality Systems

Visuality Systems is the leading supplier of the Common Internet File System (CIFS) Client/Server file sharing and printer services protocol for real-time and embedded operating systems. Visuality Systemsí product CIFS NQ™ resides on an embedded device to share files and printer services over a standard network stack. The file sharing protocol known internally to Windows developers as CIFS, also known as Server Message Block (SMB), is a native network stack component on all versions of Microsoft Windows. My Network Places or My Network Neighborhood is the laymanís term for CIFS and is as popular as it is easy to use since almost every Microsoft Windows user is familiar with drag and drop of files and folders from one PC to the next. This is an important ease of use design consideration when placing an embedded device on a network with Windows PCs or servers. As a testament to CIFS popularity, nearly every UNIX and Linux device also supports CIFS with the help of the popular samba application.

Visuality Systems is welcoming new companies into the Network Neighborhood every day.

Every CIFS NQ enabled server device instantly appears within a Windows My Network Places folder allowing easy and secure access to shared files. The same drag-and-drop file sharing that is popular between Windows PCs, now extends to networked embedded devices thanks to CIFS NQ. An embedded device that includes the CIFS NQ client service can securely access shared files on any physical Windows PC, Samba enabled UNIX system, or other CIFS NQ embedded server device on the network. The shared files appear to exist on the local embedded device so little or no application code need be changed to replace a local file system with a networked file system

CIFS NQ is designed and supported by Visuality Systems exceptional engineering team, and is sold by Visuality Systems and select distributors world-wide. CIFS NQ is currently available for use with all popular real-time and embedded operating systems. It is the only practical solution for embedded device manufactures that desire secure intelligent network file sharing and/or printer services between Windows, UNIX, Linux, and other networked embedded devices. Visuality Systemsí customers include industry leaders in networking, consumer, industrial, aerospace, defense, and automotive markets.






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